Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy Endorses Harry Scolinos


For five years, I have had the honor of representing the 59th Assembly District. Due to term limits, my time in the State Assembly will come to an end next year.

For the last few months, I have reviewed the names of potential candidates who wish to succeed me in the Legislature. Between my father and myself, for almost thirty years, my family has proudly represented solid conservative values in the California Legislature. After taking a close look at the candidates, I am convinced that Harry Scolinos would be the best choice to continue representing those values and the people of the 59th Assembly District.

Harry Scolinos is an impressive man of faith who has a strong record of accomplishment and a proven ability to raise the funds needed to compete and win the 59th Assembly District.

Harry is committed to securing our borders and continuing the battle to stop the billions of dollars our state spends on illegal aliens every year. Harry is passionate about holding the line on taxes and he has the will power to stand up to the spending lobby in Sacramento.

As owner and CEO of US Fingerprinting, Harry is already working to make our world more secure by helping identify those who would endanger our safety and that of our children. In the State Assembly, Harry would continue his fight for a more secure California while also protecting our tax dollars from the liberal spending machine that drove our state to the verge of bankruptcy.

Harry is a decorated veteran who won a bronze star for his service in Vietnam. He has the kind of character and business background that we need in Sacramento.

Harry Scolinos is a quality conservative who shares our values on traditional family issues. He will stand up for the unborn and fight for the protection of marriage between a man and a woman.

I hope you will take the time to look at Harry’s candidacy and his stand on the issues and I am confident you will find him worthy of your support.


59th Assembly District


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