I’m generally a pretty pessimistic guy when it comes to predicting political outcomes. For whatever reason, it’s just usually easier for me to digest the impact of the bad things that happen, than the good things. That said, I think tomorrow’s going to be a good day for freedom.

That said, here are my fearless predictions…

President – BUSH!
Though my gut tells me 307, what the hell, I’m shooting the moon and calling 327.


AK – Murkowski (R retain) in a squeaker. After seeing the Presidential polls back east, Democrats in Alaska decide against fighting the elements.

CO – Salazar (D Pickup). I wish it weren’t so, but unless Bush slaughters Kerry in CO, I don’t see the Beer Man taking this seat!

FL – Martinez (R Pickup). Close race at the Prez level, combined with increased Hispanic support for Martinez add up to Mel taking the seat.

GA – Isakson (R Pickup). Easy win.

IL – Obama (D Pickup). Too bad Alan’s crazy.

LA – Vitter (R Pickup). I hope he gets to 50% this time around, but I doubt it.

NC – Burr (R Pickup). Here’s to you John Edwards.

OK – Coburn (R Retain). This was close, but Coburn’s been pulling away. A 20+ Bush win doesn’t hurt either.

SC – DeMint (R Pickup). The South becomes solid RED country, as it should. On Bush’s cattails, Jim wins.

SD – Daschle (D Retain). This is REALLY close. But at the end of the day, small state voters like to stick it to the big states, and having Daschle in the leadership lets SD tell big states like CA what to do. The power and the pork bring it home for Tom.

TOTALS: Republicans pick up 3 seats, making the Senate 55-44-1. We pickup another 3 seats in the House.


I don’t think things are as rosy in California though.

Boxer wins BIG!

I think both Props 60 and 62 fail, as they are too complex for people to embrace, saving the state for a few more years.

It’s too bad, but Prop 64 fails.

Though originally polling well, I think No on 66 comes out of nowhere to win – keeping criminals behind bars.

71 passes, 72 doesn’t.

Republicans pick up one seat each in the Assembly and the Senate.

Those are my picks and I’m stickin too em…for now!


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