IMHO: She rocks!!!
Round I: Condi on the 2nd Amendment

I'm really glad Condi is now the Secretary of State. I liked Powell, so I'm glad he is leaving on a high note. He loyally went to bat for the team, probably when he wasn't 100% sure about it. I like that. That being said, I think Condi is best part of the Bush administration. I think, say early '06, Cheney will step down for "health issues" or something and Condi will (should) take his spot. That puts her in line for '08, and not only do I think she would do a good job, but she's very electable. The only criticism I can think of is that she has never held elected office, but that's a moot point, next to everything else about her. In order to convince others of my opinion, you'll be able to find evidence here of how much she rocks. So, here is Round I, via Dave Kopel of the VC.


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