I've seen these ads all over the net, I think on CH and various other sites to waste time. There is absolutely no question that these chumps are extremely anti-GOP. They put on this facade that they are unbiased or somehow evenly presenting the same side of a coin, but this just hippie propaganda. The whole site is crap but this gem leaped out at me:

"Metro America produces the majority of the nation?s tax revenue, but some $200 billion a year of Metro taxes flow to Retro states and support the economic life of its small cities, towns, and rural areas."

Obviously they are not going to cite any sources but look how they characterize this crap. They take a place, say California, and call it "Metro" even though only 40% of the state is made of hippie-commie-democrats. A state that looses more money than it takes in from the Federal Government must be doing so because rural life is completely incapable of supporting itself. Let's take a wild guess and see how self sustaining a place like, oh, I dunno Oakland or South El Monte or Eagle Rock or any other crap hole actually is despite it Metro-ness. This whole site blows and maybe I'll pull all their arguments apart at another time, but just look at it and seethe as I do.


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