Scolinos to get help from Rogan

Former Rep. says he'll support challenger in bid to unseat Adam Schiff.

By Josh Kleinbaum
The Leader

September 8, 2004

NORTHEAST GLENDALE — On election night of Jim Rogan's three congressional races, he would always walk through the phone banks, thanking the volunteers who called registered voters, encouraging them to vote. Each year, he'd spot former Congressman John Rousselot working the phones, just another volunteer.

"Nobody knew who he was, nobody knew that he had served in Congress," Rogan said. "Most of them were high school or college kids. John was a constituent, and he just wanted to make sure he did everything he could for me, even if it was just calling people on the phone."

Rogan, who lost his Congressional seat in 2000 to Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) in the most expensive race in the history of the House of Representatives, plans to help Republican Harry Scolinos defeat Schiff in the November election.

Scolinos and Rogan appeared together for the first time recently at a fundraiser at Oakmont Country Club. Scolinos pushed a conservative agenda that echoed many of President George W. Bush's battle cries, with a focus on national security and the war on terror. He painted Schiff as being too liberal for mainstream American values.

"The number one responsibility of government is to protect its citizens," Scolinos said. "I served and fought in Vietnam. We need strong leaders in Washington willing to fight for and support the president. Adam Schiff, he's got his priorities mixed up."

Scolinos questioned Schiff's voting record, focusing on an $87-billion supplemental package for the war in Iraq that Schiff voted against.

Schiff said he voted against it because he supported an alternate package which also provided supplemental aid for the Iraq war. Schiff said his alternative included $73 billion for troops and $14 billion for reconstruction.

The administration's package included $69 billion for troops and $18 billion for reconstruction.

"You'd be hard-pressed to find a member of Congress who's been more supportive of our troops than I have," Schiff said. "Mr. Scolinos needs to check his facts."

Rogan and Schiff faced off in three elections, with Rogan winning the first two.

"My plans right now are to make sure a guy named Harry Scolinos goes to Congress," Rogan said. "I'll do anything I can. If he needs me to walk precincts or do car washes down by the college, I'll do whatever it takes. Whenever Harry needs me, I will be there for him.

"Schiff is a tough competitor. But if Adam thought he had his hands full with me, he's in for a big surprise with Harry."




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