This is the time of year that slime starts to get slung at candidates…it’ll start as a trickle, and as we get closer to election day, and as more and more voters begin paying attention to things other than forgeries, swift boats, flip-flops, and society ownership, the slime at the lower levels will be slung in larger and larger amounts.

This year, in California, the new fad is low-budget websites.

Within just the past week, we’ve seen the creation and launch of:





From an effectiveness level, these sites only work when they get reported on. The Parra people were smart to link whoisdeangardner on rtumble.com. The average voter probably wont see the site, but if the research is good, and the site is properly leaked to the press, the dissemination of oppo can be done without a campaign’s fingerprints being directly attached.

This is kind of scary though because as accountability diminishes, outlandishness increases. Evidence the anti-Wapner site, where nothing but personal attacks are leveled. It is no secret that Wapner has a sizable oppo file on him, filled with not-so-good stuff, but when largely-anonymous charges can be leveled, and no one is held responsible, you can expect that they will continue and slowly be the home of all the personal charges an oppo firm can find.

I’ll keep on this – as I’m sure 3 sites I a week don’t pop up out of coincidence.


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