It's a bird!.... It's a plane......! It's ROVE!!!!
In the last few days I have been reading a lot about Karl Rove, political mastermind. But what I have been reading about him hasn't convinced me he is a genius, but everyone thinks he's a genius (which in many ways works better for Rove). If something goes really well for Bush, it's Rove. If there is suspicion about the funding of Swift Boat Vets commercials, it's Rove. If the GOP convention is a smash and the polls bounce in Bush's favor, it's Rove. If Kerry's corn flakes are soggy, it's Rove.

You get the idea. Karl Rove can be used in conversation or newspaper column as the deus ex machina of current affairs. Lots of smart people I respect do this; casually placing Rove at the scene of every political maneuver and it's accepted without a second thought. Try it if you don't believe me. Around the water cooler or in a class, throw out a current conspiracy/phenomena and then say Karl Rove did it, and no one will challenge you on it (unless you say something really moronic, then you're on your own).

This is really a demonstration of Occam's razor but it's significant because political commentary and analysis seem to be operate on Occam's razor seven days a week and twice on Sunday. It allows for debate to be replaced with common sense when it's often that events are not common nor sensible. This bugs me so I'll touch up on this again with links to examples and maybe a more a articulated version of what I'm saying.


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