The Club for Growth maintains about as high a batting average as any group around. Not only are they lethally precise with their targets, but when you back a Club candidate, you know they are REAL, true, actual, no-nonsense, RINO bashing, Goldwater/Reagan Conservatives! That said, here's an update from Club Honcho Steve Moore on the Club's Senate targets...

As you well know, the GOP controls the Senate by just one vote. A
review of all the polls in all the Senate races shows that if the election
were held today, the Republicans would win just 50 seats in the Senate.
Clearly we must do everything we can to prevent Sen. Tom Daschle and
the Democrats from seizing control of the Senate again.

Even with today’s margin, the GOP doesn’t have effective control of the
agenda as the Democrats use the filibuster to kill pro-growth reform or
crucial judicial appointments. The next Senate could confirm two U.S.
Supreme Court justices. All in all, control of the Senate could be
equal to control of two of the three branches of government, and that’s a
key reason the Club has become so active in key Senate races this year.

The thought that Daschle may return as Majority Leader next year is a
frightening prospect, but it’s a very real one. Even more horrifying is
the possibility of Daschle working with a Kerry Administration. But if
this makes you feel more than a little queasy, don’t despair -- we’ve
also got a decent chance of not only adding to the Republican’s razor
thin one-seat majority, but improving the quality of Republicans and
ridding the Senate of Mr. Daschle once and for all. Wouldn’t that be fun!

If the Republicans do manage to pick up a few extra seats in the
Senate, there could also be an ideological shift toward pro-growth issues.
Right now, the balance of power is in the hands of the RINO Republicans
like Olympia Snowe and Arlen Specter. With a 2 or 3 seat pick-up for
the GOP, plus the addition of GOP superstars, Olympia and Arlen would no
longer be deciding votes. We could move away from watered-down
Republicanism toward a genuine pro-growth agenda on taxes, trade, Social
Security, and budget reform.

One issue that will instantly be impacted by a Republican pick-up in
the Senate is permanent repeal of the Death Tax. We need 60 Senate votes
to win full and immediate repeal. We are now 4 votes away from
breaking that impasse.

So the stakes are mighty high in the Senate elections. That’s why
we’re providing you now with our outlook for every competitive Senate race
and a list of our top tier choices. Please be as generous as always by
donating to as many of these “A” and “B” candidates as you can, and
since the election is just a few weeks away, donate as soon as you can.

“A” List Candidates

Candidates make this list because their races are competitive and they
are the very best on economic issues.

Tom Coburn, Oklahoma Race Rating:
Toss up.

We sent an email out last week reminding you of why we think Coburn
would be an absolute superstar in the Senate. If you haven’t already
donated to Tom’s campaign, please consider it – his race is our TOP

To donate to this campaign right now, click on the link below to make
your contribution online, fax in the form below, or call us toll-free at


Jim DeMint, South Carolina Race Rating:
Leans Republican.

Jim DeMint is running for the open seat being vacated by the retiring
Senator Fritz Hollings. He’s going up against tax-hiking liberal Inez

Jim is one of the most free-market and principled men in Congress.
Here’s a quick recap of Jim’s outstanding record:

Earlier this year, Jim received the prestigious lifetime “Taxpayer
Hero” citation from Citizens Against Government Waste. He has earned “A”
grades from the National Taxpayers Union in four of the five years he
has served in Congress. Among all the Republicans running for Senate
nationwide, we strongly believe that Jim is the cream of the crop. A man
of his word, DeMint promised to serve three terms in the House and he

He was one of the 25 Republican heroes who voted AGAINST the fiscally
irresponsible Medicare expansion bill last year, even though he was told
that it would hurt his chances of winning the Senate seat. He is the
author of the most comprehensive proposal for Social Security personal
accounts in the U.S. House.

To donate to this campaign right now, click on the link below:

Pete Coors, Colorado Race Rating:
Toss up.

The former CEO of Coors Brewing Company solidly supports free markets,
lower taxes, and smaller government.

In a Congress filled with too many career politicians and lawyers, Pete
Coors would bring much-needed perspective from someone who has spent
years in the private sector creating jobs, meeting a payroll, and
delivering profits for investors.

While many Republican candidates know the economic theory, he has the
experience of dealing with complicated tax laws and regulations and the
stifling effects these burdens create on the free market system.

Pete favors making the Bush tax cuts permanent, creating Social
Security personal accounts, enacting tort reform, and controlling federal
spending. In short, he is rock solid on all the key economic growth issues
that will confront the next Congress.

The polls have this race very tight. The Democrats have nominated a
popular Hispanic state attorney general, Ken Salazar, who is masquerading
as a centrist. In reality, Salazar is a Kerry Democrat who wants to
repeal the Bush tax cuts, renew the death tax, and prevent meaningful
tort reform.

To donate to this campaign right now, click on the link below:

“B” List Candidates

Candidates on this list are all in hotly contested races too, but they
are not as rock solid on economic growth issues.

John Thune, South Dakota Race Rating: Toss

This race is all about Tom Daschle. It’s about ridding the Senate of
its most obnoxious and persistent adversary of pro-growth legislation.
The good news is that Daschle is the Democrat senator most likely to be
defeated in November. If we beat Daschle, we cut the Left off from its
central nervous system.

Former Congressman Thune ran away from some key pro-growth issues in
his loss to Sen. Tim Johnson two years ago. He also compiled only an
average voting record for a Republican during his time in the House.

Thune lost his Senate race in 2002 by only 524 votes out of 334,000
cast. This time we want to make sure that he’s on the winning side of
that margin, especially since George W. Bush stands to win with more than
60% of the vote in South Dakota this year.

To donate to this campaign right now, click on the link below:

David Vitter, Louisiana Race Rating:
Toss up.

Congressman Vitter currently has a strong lead in this race to replace
the retiring Sen. John Breaux (D). However, Louisiana’s unique “jungle
primary” means there is a good chance the next Senator won’t be decided
until December. Anyone who qualified to run is on the November ballot.
If none of the candidates gets over 50%, there is a December runoff
with the top two candidates. Vitter may have a better chance of winning
the “primary” outright than winning a runoff.

Vitter is running on a pro-growth platform and he was a big hit at our
candidate forum in Florida last February. He compiled a
better-than-average voting record for a Republican congressman in the last four years
-- though he is no Pat Toomey or Jeff Flake.

Louisiana has not elected a Republican to the Senate in 125 years!
Vitter has a great chance of breaking that century long lock down in Bayou
country. That is why we make this race a priority and believe that our
members should donate to David Vitter.

To donate to this campaign right now, click on the link below:

Mel Martinez, Florida Race Rating:
Toss up.

We tend to play down this race for Club members simply because the race
will be so expensive that it’s hard for us to have a major impact.
Then again, it is Florida, and who can forget how close the presidential
race was last time?

It’s also hard to predict whether Martinez would be a totally reliable
pro-growth vote in the Senate.

He performed reasonably well at our New York candidate forum in August.
He also returned a strong pro-taxpayer candidate survey to the National
Taxpayers Union. We like the fact that he escaped from communist Cuba
and knows first hand the importance of limited government -- something
that too few members of Congress seem to appreciate. He also compiled
an admirable record as Secretary of HUD for President George W. Bush,
often showing a backbone. He says that having overseen the agency, he
would like to cut many of the corrupt programs at HUD. Amen, to that.
How about getting rid of the whole agency?

One worry about Martinez is his trial lawyer background. However, he
says that he favors tort reform.

His opponent is awful. Betty Castor is about as left wing as they come
on economics, which explains why she has the enthusiastic backing of a
who’s who of the nation’s liberal groups, including Emily’s List and
MoveOn.Org. We don’t need another Hillary Clinton or Barbara Boxer in
the Senate—which is exactly what she would be.

To donate to this campaign right now, click on the link below:

Richard Burr, North Carolina Race Rating: Toss up.

Congressman Richard Burr is running for this open seat created by the
vice presidential run of Sen. John Edwards. He faces former Clinton
chief of staff, Erskine Bowles, who lost two years ago to Elizabeth Dole.

Burr has compiled an average record for a House Republican. He is
solid on tax cutting, making the Bush tax cuts permanent, and advocates a
flat tax or consumption tax along with Social Security personal

The problem is that Erskine Bowles is pumping millions of dollars into
this race and current polls show him with a lead, but in recent weeks
that lead has been shrinking. The race leans slightly Democrat, but
Burr definitely has a shot of picking up an extra seat for the GOP.

To donate to this campaign right now, click on the link below:

The Other Senate Races…

If you’d like to read about our “C” candidates, and be kept abreast on
ALL of our endorsements (including House races), log into the MEMBERS
ONLY section of the Club’s website, www.ClubForGrowth.org. We will be
making updates right up until Election Day on November 2:




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