Where "Compassionate" Conservatism Goes From Here...

David Brooks, the token conservative at the New York Times, pipes in with an interesting (and long!) piece today about where the GOP is heading in the next few years.

In my mind, the Bushies have realized that lower taxes lead to higher revenues, and thus to spend more, they need to get us closer to the mid-point on the Laffer Curve. They've thrown off the ideas of downsizing government, as Brooks documents, but have instead made the first steps towards turning the conservative movement away from the notion of smaller government at all. My biggest problem is that Brooks, as a conservative, seems to have no problems with this. Yes, Bush's "Guns, and Butter, and tax relief too" Conservatism works great at the polls. But at some point it really becomes necessary to say "Well, of course - if we run Republicans who will do nothing but talk like Democrats, of course it's going to help...but doesn't that defeat the point of being a Republican at all???"

Anyway, read it for yourself. Good electoral strategery? A realistic way to continue the movement? Or just a sellout of massive proportions?


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