Tonight at the Museum of Tolerance in LA, Senator Barbara Boxer debated GOP challenger Bill Jones…and knocked him out.

Let me backtrack for a minute. Though, ya, I’m going to vote for Bill Jones, I’m by no means a big supporter. He’s a gun-grabbing, tax-raising Republican, who’s among the most boring candidates I’ve ever seen. He was a Pete Wilson hack, and I thought embarrassed himself in his candidacy for Governor in the 2002 GOP Primary.

His supporters are going to defend him saying “3 Strikes” is so wonderful, and that he actually accomplished something in the Secretary of State's office. Agreed. BUT, he also lead the charge for that largest tax increase in California history, out of “loyalty” to Pete Wilson in 1991. AND, the DAY AFTER that vote, he was part of a “moderate” coup of the Assembly Republican Leadership – ousting Ross Johnson.

In 2000, during the Presidential Primaries, Jones was part of a large group of California Republican leaders on board early with Governor Bush. However, in a move that enraged the Bush campaign, and Republicans throughout the state, he withdrew his endorsement from Governor Bush and threw it to the “moderate” John McCain. Again, inexcusable.

Bill Jones is definitely better than Barbara Boxer, that’s why he’ll get my vote, but because of his record as a “Republican leader,” he’ll never have my support.

That said, we go into tonight’s debate. I made it home from work a little early to make sure I saw the fight. The referee should’ve stopped it halfway through. Bill Jones looked awkward, and rigid. His answers seemed overly rehearsed, and he did an awful job of actually answering the questions that were asked. Yes, there’s a point to be made about staying “on message,” but when you seem like you’re avoiding direct questions, you seem insincere and that’s far worse.

Boxer, by comparison, despite spewing Marxist rhetoric, seemed friendly, energetic, caring, and knowledgeable. She seemed that she was taking hypothetical questions and directing her answers straight to the viewers. I admittedly haven’t been paying enough attention to the race to know who stuck to their talking points the best, but on style – Boxer kicked Jones’ butt.

But hey, at least Jones avoided insulting any respected Republican leaders.


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