Tomorrow marks the day many of us political dorks on the conservative side have been looking forward to for quite some time. Tomorrow marks D-Day, Election Day in Pennsylvania. Lefty Liberal Commie Pinko, Snarlin’ Arlen Specter goes up against Superstar Conservative Pat Toomey.

John J Miller from the National Review penned the best piece so far about the reasons Arlen Specter is THE WORST REPUBLICAN SENATOR…Not only is the piece incredibly well-argued, it is incredibly well-written.

It comes down to this: Is the Republican Party going to stand for something more than an “R” after someone’s name – or are they going to be different from the Democrats, and actually support an ideology, a belief in (at the very least) lower taxes, smaller government, a strong national defense, and individual responsibility?

It’s not a case (like with Arnold – where some actually tried to make the case he was a conservative) where the argument in favor or Specter is that he really is a conservative. Even Specter’s people concede he is not. Their only arguments are (a)his seniority brings home lots of pork to Pennsylvania, and (b)he can win in November – keeping the Senate in Republican hands.

The first part of that, they are right about – Arlen is KING PORKER.

But that second part is pure nonsense. Arlen BARELY held on to win in his last time up to bat, eeking out a win by a measly 3 points to a nobody opponent. Conversely, Pat Toomey has pulled off convincing victories in each of his 3 elections – IN A SEAT THAT WAS DRAWN FOR DEMOCRATS! That’s right, Toomey’s seat is not a safe Republican seat – it is a heavily unionized Democrat district that the DNCC has time and again tried to get back, each time unsuccessfully.

Not being from PA, and not having pork as an issue – the scariest reason, and the #1 reason Arlen has got to go – and has got to go now, is that he in set to become Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Chairman should he be reelected. This, the man who stopped Judge Bork from becoming Supreme Court Justice Bork – is set to become the one-man traffic cop of all judges nationwide. I pray that doesn’t come to pass. Just imagine how much ammo the Democrats will have when even the Republican Chairman of the Judiciary Committee calls a nominee “too conservative.” YIKES!

I think Toomey – along with the help of the Club for Growth - has done a great job of informing voters just how bad a vote Specter is. Not being in the state, and not seeing the dollars put into airing each of their ads, I can only hope and assume that they’ve equally made the case why Pat is a good alternative to Specter. If so, I think we conservatives could be in for a great day tomorrow.

One of the problems that always arises from having your Party in office is that partisanship trumps principles. Tomorrow, if Pat Toomey can pull off this win – conservatives can take a strong stand against that trend.

Lastly, Steve Moore easily wins the “best line of the day” award for this quip in today’s National Review Online. “Polls show that more than 1/3rd of self-professed conservatives in Pennsylvania are leaning toward voting for Arlen Specter. This is like an oak tree voting for a chainsaw.”

Let’s hope those oak trees have a last second change of heart!


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