This note came from Pat Toomey's campaign manager. Though it IS just a generic message sent to all on their mail list, the important point is that TOOMEY HAS THE MOMENTUM! In past weeks' he's gone from a managable 12 point defecit, to within 6 points. He clearly has the BIG MO. Let's just hope he's got another card up his sleeve and that he can carry this thru election day!!!

Dear Friends,

The results of the newest SURVEY USA poll, released on April 6, show that among those Republicans who are certain to vote on April 27, Congressman Toomey has cut liberal Arlen Specter's lead to six points (46% to 40%)! You may recall that the SURVEY USA poll taken back in mid-March showed that Congressman Toomey had cut Specter's lead from 23 points to 9 points. So these latest poll results showing continued, strong momentum come as excellent news for the Toomey campaign!

Senator Specter's campaign knows it is in trouble, thus it is running dishonest negative advertisements. Remember, for the truth on Congressman Toomey's record and positions, as well as the latest campaign news and on to www.pattoomey.org. As the campaign comes down the home-stretch, Congressman Toomey will speak at a number of grassroots rallies around PA. Below is a schedule for all the planned rallies. Please help get the word out!

To Victory!

Mark Dion
Campaign Manager


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