No one has ever accused Lyn Nofziger of being a squish. Lyn, after all, worked for Reagan from his time in Sacramento, to his '76 challenge of Gerald Ford, thru part of his time in the White House. Lyn is about as conservative as they come, and is a beacon of light to people like me. He genuinely is one of my heroes. After all the recent bruhaha of the Gay Marriage debate, I found his take very interesting...

I wish I felt more strongly about homosexual marriage, one way or the other, but I don’t.

And I have difficulty understanding folks who are all atwitter about the subject.

True, I am opposed to it, mainly on religious grounds. If my church approved of homosexual marriage I would find another church. But I think the idea of an amendment to the constitution barring such marriages is kind of like the amendment that banned liquor. It won’t work.

An amendment might ban civil unions that are labeled marriages but I don’t see how one could ban civil contracts between two adults that would have the force of marriage. Neither do I see how such an amendment could prevent employers, insurance companies or hospitals from treating homosexual couples the same way they treat married couples.

Finally, I don’t see how in this land of the free anyone could justify any law or amendment banning a church from sanctifying, at least in its own denomination, a homosexual marriage.

If I’m right, then why go to all the trouble of trying to get such an amendment passed. Also why try to pass something that probably will not pass and thereby weaken your case.

As I have said before I am opposed to any amendment that would limit freedom, even if it would ban some activity or organization that I oppose. Amendments should expand and guard and guarantee liberty, not further limit it.

If any state wishes to ban homosexual marriages that’s okay by me although I still wonder, “Why bother?”

Society, not laws, should and usually does decide what is right and wrong, what is permissible and what is not when it comes to those activities that do not impinge on the rights and freedoms of others. Currently. the social pendulum is swinging in favor of treating homosexuality as normal and therefore okay.. Maybe not in what remains of my lifetime, but eventually, I’m sure it will swing back the other way, especially if the homosexual lobby overplays its hand, as such lobbies are wont to do...

In the meantime, there will be conservatives and conservative religions that continue to stand against it and will provide bases for those opposed to it..

And in the meantime, also, for my part I will continue to stand for freedom, for individual responsibility, for states’ rights and for the constitution as it is written. With all this on my plate to worry about, I don’t have time to meddle in the affairs of a couple of gay guys or a couple of lesbian women who think it would be neat if they could just get married.


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