Now, I don't want you to get the wrong impression of me. Generally, I violently oppose all things people consider "cultured." I don't like foreign films, paintings, sculptures, fiction of most sorts, and especially poetry. But every once in a while there is a worthy exception to these usually steadfast rules. Joy Skilmer, the pen name of old Reagan hand Lyn Nofziger (one of the few people I consider a hero, for what it's worth), offers this:

Teddy Kennedy, rounder, drunk

And girl drowner, who would have thunk

He, of all people, has the gall

to throw the word “neanderthal.”

At those who think our laws should be

Written constitutionally.

He says such folks are not the sort

To name to any fed’ral court

“Neanderthals!” Ted doth assert,

Who drag their knuckles in the dirt,

Uncouth and worse, the kind who say

The constitution is the way.

But Ted Left-winger Kennedy

Is determined that this won’t be.

Conservatives that George Bush names

Ted and his friends shoot down in flames.

With smears and lies they do their work

Just like they did on old Bob Bork.

Teddy Kennedy, rounder, drunk,

And girl drowner--youse is a skunk.

by Joy Skilmer.


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