Republicans in this state showed last night a penchant for what they criticized Bill Clinton about for years, and I’m not talking about groping women at all. Republicans beat up Bill Clinton for governing by polls, for leading by pragmatism rather than principle. Last night, Republicans throughout California showed their absolute dedication to pragmatism with the overwhelming abandonment of principles (Tom McClintock) for politics (Ahhnuld). (Oh, and just for kicks, Republicans shot down Props 53 & 54, which this Monkey voted FOR!)

This morning, most of the conversations I’ve had with politicos have gone something like:

FM: “So how’s your conscience this morning?”
Politico: “Fine.”
FM: “So you voted for McClintock I take it?”
P: “Well, no. I was going to, but we needed to make sure Arnold had a mandate to govern.”
FM: (series of semi-coherent expletives).

YAAA! Because Sheila Keuhl really cares whether Arnold has a 'mandate' (something she'll never have) or not. Partisan politics govern Sacramento, and mandate or not, Arnold's going to hit a wall in Sacramento. It's only whether he moves left or right to govern. For the sake of the state, I sure hope Arnold has more of a commitment to principle than do his supporters!

For weeks, I’d been talking about a great exodus that would take place. Once Arnold took the lead, I saw one of two things as possible scenarios: either conservatives who had supported Arnold would come back home, seeing that they could vote their conscience and not risk costing Arnold the election, OR everyone would jump on the Arnold bandwagon. Last night we saw the latter.

Now we go on with the governing portion of Arnold’s reign of terror. Now conservatives can go back to despising moderates, and fighting all that they (don’t) stand for. Pete Wilson regularly felt the wrath of the united conservative front. And more times than not, Wilson chose to not stand in front of the oncoming charge. More than once Wilson stood ready to sign some awful gun bill, for instance, but when conservatives raised hell, he tucked his tail between his legs and went and hid under his desk until Bob White told him the coast was clear. He knew he could not alienate conservatives, or risk losing reelection.

Our mission now is to make Arnold equally accountable.

In the words of Arnie Steinberg:

"(C)onservative Republicans — elected officials, grassroots organizations, talk-show hosts — set Arnold up for victory. Without conservatives, Arnold would have lost, bringing the recall down with him. Don't forget this, and don't let him forget this."

At least this airborne primate, for one, wont ever let him forget!

UPDATE: In his news conference today, Arnold showed burgeoning signs of begrudging acceptability. When asked about the prospect of raising taxes, Arnold responded saying that a major theme of his campaign was that he would not raise taxes, "I say it again," he told reporters. "I will not raise taxes." I know he came short of saying “Read my lips,” but I guess this is at least a step in the right direction.


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