In looking to find a word to define Republicans here in California, perhaps ‘crapweasel’ or ‘asshat’ is most appropriate. In all the country I can’t imagine a group of people more afraid of their own shadows than Republicans in California.

Finally breaking down and looking inside the most recent LA Times poll, the findings shocked me beyond belief.

Question 33 reads:

“Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: Tom McClintock is too politically conservative to have a realistic chance at being elected governor?”

While only 46% of Democrats agreed with this statement, 52% of Republicans did. More Republicans are afraid of the electability of a conservative than Democrats. No wonder we can’t ever win!

Also amazing is that while 46% of Latinos DISAGREED with that statement, only 29% of Whites did!

While overall, 49% of respondents agreed, it is just amazing how that breaks down….CRAPWEASELS!! ASSHATS!!! If they’d just vote their damned conscience, we’d win. End of story!


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