Right now, conservatives in California are more disorganized than any other time in recent history. That’s the bad news.

The good news is there is finally someone who can bring them together. Tom McClintock is that someone.

Perhaps only with Goldwater in ’64 and Reagan in ’76, ’80, and ’84 have conservatives had a figure so easy to rally around. Right now Tom’s numbers are astronomical: 88% approval among Republicans, 91% among self-described conservatives. It’d be a waste if Tom’s sky-high numbers didn’t go to some good. Conservatives have to start from scratch. Recent actions by the Party PROVE that we conservatives control a grand total of nothing. From AD Central Committee members, to County Chairs, to Delegate Selection, to Legislative Primary candidates, conservatives need to come together now or together continue wandering aimlessly in the political wilderness.

We need to get on the same page, work off the same game plan, and stand united in a common cause. Tom is the guy who can make that happen.

Many people who have abandoned us now will come back to fight with us in this battle. Ray Haynes obviously isn’t a moderate sympathizer. Even abandoners like Shawn Steel still fancy themselves conservatives and wish longingly things were different where pragmatism and conservatism coincided more often.

It’s sad to watch people like Tom (and even Bill Simon, though to a far lesser extent) get screwed so royally by passionately ideologically moderate buffoons. It’s silly for conservatives to be split so radically. Though maybe unrealistic, it just seems that we should be able to combine pragmatism and conservatism. It also seems that Tom is the only guy capable of accomplishing as much. There’s no point in Tom having such political capital if he fails to use it. If he leads, the rest will follow.


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