I admit it, I’m a waffler. I was adamant in voting no on the recall. I figured that it’d be better to save the Republican Party, and further alienate California from the Democrat Party, than to have Arnold come into office and push similar policies but under the Republican umbrella. I was wrong.

Looking at the recall itself, from a purely theoretical point of view, I love it. I think it’s great, I think it’s the ultimate accountability, the ultimate check on government. However, fearing Arnold and the damage he would do to both the state and to the Republican Party, I found it worthwhile to vote NO, so as to keep him out.

Gray Davis has changed my mind.

After counseling sessions with former President Clinton, Davis emerged determined to seem Gubernatorial. He’s made a point to be seen signing bills, doing the work a Governor does. However, where Clinton differed is that he pushed bills that didn’t completely enrage his opponents. This is where Davis has failed.

In his quest to look like a Governor, Davis has held lavish ceremonies for bill signings, all of which have received the anticipated press attention. His problem, and what is costing him my vote on the recall is the content of those bills.

SB60 – Davis gave Driver’s Licenses to illegal aliens without any security safeguards.

AB205 – Davis signed a bill expanding Domestic Partner rights. In Senator Pete Knight’s words, “It's a sham. It's a backdoor, roundabout mechanism to override Proposition 22. ... What they're saying is they want to have the benefits without calling it marriage."

SB2 – Now today Davis signed the Socialist Healthcare Act, or some such name.

These are just about the three worst bills around, and Davis, in acts of desperation, signed all three. Sure he was trying to reach out to his base, but in the process he’s reaffirming the resolve of everyone else. I hate this man, and he has got to go. Even if Arnold is the best we can do replacing him.


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