The rumor mill in Sacramento has been working overtime since the recall began. Many seemingly-ridiculous things coming out of it, that normally would be dismissed off-hand have actually come to pass, and so the latest pickings ought to at least be pondered if for nothing else than hope’s sake.

According to the California Political Review, high level Democrats are saying there’s a 9/10 chance that Bustamante will withdraw from the race, now just a few days away in hopes of killing the recall altogether. While defeating the recall remains a longshot, with ~30% of Democrats currently supporting it, switching them to voting “NO” could be the Dems’ only chance left to retain power…

But this would also produce an unexpected byproduct…a head-to-head matchup between Arnold and Tom.

To this point the argument for Arnold by many has gone like this, “Ya, Tom is smarter, more qualified, he deserves it more, and would do a much better job as Governor, but since he can’t win I’m going with Arnold.”

Well, what if there were no Democrat to vote for?

Many conservatives such as Ray Haynes, Shawn Steel, Bill Simon, and Darrell Issa would then be put in a precarious position. Do they stay with the horse they’ve already backed, or do they cut bait and go for the one they liked all along???

Though my gut tells me many of the Party leaders would stick with Arnold because of backroom deals already cut, there would be an exodus of rank-and-file Republicans to Team Tom.

The same thing happened with Riordan and Issa. The entire pillar of Riordan was built on
”he can win.” When it became clear that Simon actually feasibly could win, down came the tower. And because of the type of support Arnold has been receiving (LOW propensity voters), and the current attacks’ suppression effects, combined with the exodus to Team Tom, there remains an outside chance that Tom could pull this off.

It’s a Hail Mary to be sure, but hanging on by hope and prayer is better than not hanging on at all!!!


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