Contra Costa Times Endorses Tom McClintock for Governor
Contra Costa Times Editorial
October 1, 2003

"The only candidate with a combination of long experience and specific ideas on how to combat California's budget woes is McClintock. He understands that little positive is going to occur in California without an economic rebound and fiscal responsibility in Sacramento.

"McClintock has not done well in polls, perhaps because of his unpopular views on a variety of social issues. But this election is not about social views. It is about economics and budgets.

"McClintock does understand the political workings of Sacramento and has a vast knowledge of economics and the budgetary process. He also has the desire and fortitude to make unpopular, but necessary, decisions to cut spending.

"Despite his long-shot chance of winning, we endorse Tom McClintock, who would be able to move into the governor's position quickly and competently."


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