What Ueberroth Is Doing RIGHT

Peter Ueberroth’s campaign is receiving very little press, probably because he lacks a)the money to put himself among the top tier, and b)the personality to make the story on his own. That aside, he is running one of the most technically competent campaigns around.

Three things in particular caught my eye.

1)For some time, fiscal conservatives have fancied the idea of a constitutional amendment capping government spending increases to the sum of population and inflation increases. When explaining such ideas, the eyes of even many activists glaze over with the sort of boredom seldom seen outside of students’ eyes on the first day of Economics 101.

Ueberroth, or more likely his campaign manager Dan Schnur, solved this problem. Instead of boring sounding budget jargin, he calls this plan, THE TAXPAYER’S BILL OF RIGHTS, a phrase people will remember and a phrase people will buy intol.

2)Ueberroth is employing regional ads. Thus far, Peter’s been pushing primarily on radio, and yes he has a generic introduction ad that is applicable statewide. BUT, he also has specific ads for the Bay Area that tell listeners that he grew up in the Bay Area, and a Central Valley ad telling listeners that he is a part-time farmer…

Radio ads don’t cost ALL THAT MUCH to cut, and with the increased traction local ads are likely to produce, it seems that this could be the beginning of a trend…

3)Meetup.com has proved a blessing for Howard Dean. Used as a way to organize grassroots supporters online, it has taken off in national politics. Ueberroth has also used this on his website, and though in my humble opinion there just isn’t enough time to utilize MeetUp, it is a good thought nonetheless.


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