If it’s to happen that Tom McClintock is elected Governor, the stage is certainly set.

Internal Democrat polls right now have:
Arnold – 28 (+3)
Cruz – 25 (-5)
Tom – 20 (+2)

Seeing Cruz slipping, the Indians have stepped up and put on a million dollar ad buy as an Independent Expenditure for Tom. That should push Tom’s name ID even further, pushing his numbers up higher.

Also, as Cruz has seen Arnold’s numbers pick up, he and the Democrats in general surely are readying to nuke Arnold once and for all. Attacking him ideologically and personally, his negatives should skyrocket and his overall numbers should drop dramatically.

At the same time, Republicans will probably go off on Cruz. His Mecha ties definitely provide ample fodder to attack Cruz, as well as the fact he’s graduated college within the last three years.

As these two public assassinations occur simultaneously, Tom will be the only guy left mostly unscathed. With a million dollar ad buy, and possibly more as we get closer to the election, the opportunity is definitely there for Tom to sneak thru at the end and become Governor of California.


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