The new CNN poll results are causing a big stir in political land, these being the first semi-credible polls showing Arnold taking a lead and Tom’s momentum staying put.

I don’t now, and I’m so sick of Arnold I don’t really care if he is ahead or not. He’s a sick and disgusting human being that I will not in any circumstance support. My concern is why Tom hasn’t moved forward more. Sadly, I know the answer.

To this point, unfortunately his campaign has been very poorly run. That is not a criticism of Senator McClintock necessarily, but more about the poor service his newly hired help has brought him, namely the incompetent staff of Congressman Richard Pombo.

Now, I’m not privy to anything special as to why these bozos in particular were brought aboard. All I know is what the Secretary of State’s website tells me, and what I can observe with my own two eyes. Pombo’s Chief of Staff Steve Ding is serving as Tom’s political director. With the little bit of TV I watch, I’ve personally had to witness Ding being chewed up on TV several times. Through the grapevine, I also hear of many blunders he’s made that are murdering Tom’s campaign. Having witnessed and heard of his incompetence and lack of service to Senator McClintock, I was irked enough by this chap. Add to that though that this scumbag managed Congressman Pombo’s last campaign while still on the federal payrolls, and now I’m just downright pissed! Friend of the taxpayer my ass!

But, to add to my distaste of Congressman Pombo and his staff/friends, this morning’s LA Times gives me all the ammo I need. As I woke up and stumbled down the stairs to brew my pot of pre-Starbucks coffee, I continued down the stairs to grab the paper sitting nicely outside my front door. As it was that I was awake at an unholy hour, I wasn’t completely with it, but I still noticed the nice picture of Tom gracing the front page. When I saw the headline, or rather the subheadline, I quickly snapped from my morning-dazed mode into downright fed-up mode.

“Schwarzenegger appears to gain ground as McClintock's aide all but concedes.”

“Dammit,” I thought as I scanned the article for the applicable quote. And then, there it was:

“I still contend when this is done, Tom will beat Bustamante. He'll come in second.” That coming from our dear campaign director, John Feliz.

Now, if there is a quicker way to dry up your fundraising than to suggest certain defeat, I’m missing it because that’s about the quickest way I can think of. Feliz, of course, is also a Pombo-hack.

Now, don’t start to think that I’m the only one questioning McClintock’s strategery. Today, this appeared in the National Review Online from Arnie Steinberg…

“McClintock's campaign has pretty much let Arnold off the hook. Schwarzenegger's high profile was an early gift to McClintock, but his campaign didn't know what to do. If the state senator had confronted Arnold daily, a dozen cameras would have covered him. Here was the perfect storm for an indigent candidate like McClintock who could barely afford paid media: unlimited free media.

Perhaps the turning point was the Great Debate last week. This was McClintock's final opportunity to turn the corner. For reasons that only he knows, Tom McClintock did not engage Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

Day-to-day, Tom surrounds himself with a great political team. Why he has chosen NOW to deviate from his team, and entrust his campaign to obvious imbeciles, is something I may never know…

But Tom is still the man, and he still has a shot at winning. Combining the money he has raised with that of the IE’s on his behalf, his message will have over $4 million behind it. When the campaign began, Tom predicted that if he had $4million by Election Day, he’d be as competitive as anyone. He does. In fact, with more than a week to do, he already has more than $4million.

Also, as much of Arnold’s support lies in atypical voters, if it looks as if Arnold will win going away, many will probably stay home. Also, as Cruz slips and the “a vote for Tom is a vote for Cruz” rhetoric stops, many may well vote their consciences after all and cast their vote for Tom…It may take a perfect storm for Tom to win at this point, but this optimist hasn’t given up home just yet…

That said, I have come to a conclusion. I just can’t bear the thought of an Arnold reign of terror. The damage he’d do to the state and the Party are more than I can bear to think about. Therefore, the Flying Monkey is voting NO ON THE RECALL, YES ON MCCLINTOCK!


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