Hugh Hewitt, despite what he says, has never been a friend to conservatives.

He backed Riordan wholeheartedly. He claims to be this bigtime religious leader, though at every chance he gets, he sells out those who DO STAND for the issues he claims to stand for.

Today, he makes it even worse. In an insulting, poorly written, half assed attempt to combat McClintock’s growing grassroots support, Hugh makes such claims as “Tom cannot win. He’s not even close.”

Ummm, Hugh. Last FieldPoll, if you combine Tom and Simon, has Tom within the margin of error from Arnold…Screw you!

And for the, ‘he can’t win, lets not fight’ rationale? Ya, that would’ve gone over really well if George Washington and Co, had stuck to the “the British are too big to beat, let’s not fight” mentality. Thank God we had leaders like Thomas Paine to convince them to fight for their freedom. And also thank God, sellouts like Hugh Hewitt weren’t there to try to convince them otherwise.

With Republicans like Hugh, who needs Democrats?


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