Like most Republicans, I tried to find something I liked in Arnold. I wanted to support him, I really did. If he’d have just given me something to grab onto, maybe, maybe I could’ve reluctantly supported him. But he hasn’t. He’s been terrible. He’s been every conservative’s worst nightmare, and worse.

At first, I thought “OK, he may be pretty bad on social stuff, but at least he’ll champion the supply-side cause.” OOPS. Day 1 of Buffet-watch ended that.

Then, I thought, “Well OK, maybe he’ll at least be a strong partisan Republican. With the legislature made up the way it is, if he campaigned aggressively for Republicans and took some sort of joy in beating Democrats, maybe that’d be enough for me to support him. Aligning with the Terminator to kick Jackie Goldberg’s fat butt might just convince me to hop on the Arnold bandwagon.” Well, then came the Rob Lowe appointment.

Jeez. He can’t be relied upon to tow the line on taxes, and he’s probably not going to be a big fan of fighting Democrats. He’s sure making this tough for me.

“But OK,” I thought to myself, “because he’s taken this hard anti-special interest line, maybe he’ll help us beat the unions back a little.” DANG IT! He can’t even do that. From campaign spokesman Sean Walsh, "Arnold made a commitment that [CTA] would have a seat at the table”

Selling out to the evil CTA, ALREADY…There goes that idea.

Well, as a last resort, getting desperate, I thought, “maybe some conservatives are just overstating some of his social views. Maybe he isn’t as bad as everyone’s saying.”

Then comes today’s bomb:

”He [Arnold] is not as conservative as I am on social issues.”

And this from the leader of the squishes Pete Wilson…

I tried to buy into Arnold, I really did…But bad on taxes, a probable reluctance to fight Democrats, not even elected and already a union hack, and worse than Pete Wilson on social issues…We’ve got a way to describe Republicans like this…


On Oct 7, Vote NO on ARNOLD!


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