1)Have you heard/read Simon talking about the candidate field lately? It’s horribly irritating. I remember his spokesman KB Forbes saying, “This is an ABC election. Arnold, Bill, Cruz.” Today on John and Ken, Simon talked again only about Arnold and Cruz.

NEWSFLASH TO SIMON: I know you’re trying to pretend Tom McClintock doesn’t exist, but simply wishing it doesn’t make it so. Despite the unreliability of all of these polls, McClintock is ahead of Simon in each and every one of them. Simon is living in a dream world, and it’s this same lack of seeing reality that caused him to miss his MANY mistakes last time around. Bill, knock it off!

2)Today’s pep rally with DiFi and Gray was silly. It was a forum for DiFi to say she wasn’t going to vote for Bustamante, but the forum itself bears note. It was a gun control push, with Sheriff Lee Baca and Police Chief Willy Bratton in attendance. I must say I am mystified by this strategy. Schwarzenegger is already on record as pro-gun control. On the surface they’re attacking Republicans for supporting the individual’s right to bear arms, but in actuality it looks like they’re trying to bait Arnold to the left, alienating the conservative support he’s working so hard to obtain.

Funny, the basic strategy Arnold thinks will win him the election is the same strategy Gray thinks will cause him to lose…Sounds funny to say it, but lets hope Gray is right!

3)Don’t be fooled by today’s headlines that because DiFi has backed Governor Davis, that this is going to be the beginning of a big, fun Democrat game of rally-round-the-loser.

In the past days, the California Assn. of Highway Patrolmen, the California State Employees Assn, the California Conference of Carpenters, and now California Congressional Democrats have endorsed Cruz for Gov. The push for Democrats to coalesce around one candidate is shaping up much quicker than any Republican plan to rally around Arnold.

The Democrats stand on party discipline and party loyalty, while Republicans stand on principle. I guess its just 1964 all over again.


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