In California, its hard to find a perfect Republican, there just aren’t many of them. Out here, we agree on little…very little. Abortion, 3-strikes, the environment, hell even the recall split us in half. But the things that unite us should be absolutes, no squishing, none at all. Taxes, the budget, and unions should be the things that unite us. All are at the heart of our Party’s philosophy. All are the kinds of things that make us who we are.

In the past days, Arnold Schwarzenegger has failed all three tests.

First, he brought on Warren Buffett who questioned Prop 13. Now, there aren’t many sacred cows in California Republican politics, but Prop 13 is one of them. Strike one.

Then, he raised the possibility of accepting tax increases. According to Drudge , well placed Arnold sources say, “"Look, Arnold will not, cannot say, 'Read my lips, no new taxes. Our first priority will be to get the state back in to top fiscal condition, and everyone knows it takes revenue to achieve this." Raising taxes? No, Arnold. That’s strike two.

But then it gets even worse. Despite Arnold’s insistence that we need to ‘get the special interests out of Sacramento,’ he nonetheless felt it necessary to spend 45 minutes on a phone conference with the ultra-liberal CTA. "Arnold made a commitment that [CTA] would have a seat at the table in education discussions," Walsh said. "With regard to filling out questionnaires or pre-agreeing to specific policies, he basically told them, 'I've been there for the kids. You know my commitment to these issues.'"

"I will never have to make a deal with anybody because special interests cannot buy me.” PLEASE! Arnold, that's strike 3...and you're OUT!

Arnold stands for nothing, and his campaign is going nowhere. What moderates need to learn is that’s what you get when you have a candidate who’s done nothing, knows nothing, and stands for nothing!


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