Lyn Nofziger was Ronald Reagan's go-to guy from the time he was Governor, all the way to and through the White House. He has been a leader of the conservative movement, an unflinching light guiding conservatives around the country. Though mostly retired, he still keeps an online blog of sorts. Lyn is a personal hero of mine, and it's personally encouraging to feel aligned, even in this small way, with one of the conservative movements strongest supporters.

Dear Friend,

Our State of California is in the national spotlight these days because it appears likely that disgusted voters will recall Governor Davis, the man who put the state in severe financial trouble and doesn’t have either the brains or guts to fix the problems.

Because I spent so much of my political career working with Ronald Reagan, people are asking my opinion of this campaign and the candidates. That’s why I am writing this letter about State Senator Tom McClintock, who is one of the four leading contenders running to replace Davis.

McClintock is the candidate who is unquestionably most knowledgeable about state government and undoubtedly is the most qualified. He is also the only real conservative in the race. He knows what the problems are that a new governor would face and he has a program for solving them.

Were I still in California, I would unhesitatingly vote for him.

McClintock must overcome two problems if he is to be elected. One is money.

If he can raise enough money (and I assure you he will use it wisely), McClintock will be a serious contender.

The other problem is the gossip that he can’t win because of the money problem. With your help he can overcome that.

You may recall that 37 years ago the “experts” were saying the same thing about Ronald Reagan. He couldn’t win.

But Reagan did back then exactly what Tom McClintock is doing today. He went around the state from one city to the next, speaking in plain terms that people could relate to, about how he would fix the problems created by a then Democrat incumbent Pat Brown.

People could see the good and the principled integrity in Ronald Reagan back then just as they see them in Tom McClintock today.

And believe me, California more than ever needs a Governor who is a good and honest person NOW.

There are only a few weeks left before the October 7th Election. That's why I am asking you to help me build a national conservative crusade to fund Tom McClintock’s campaign.

With $38 billion in debt and more on the horizon, California voters can’t afford to make a mistake in this election.

Please click here to make your most generous contribution right now.

Lyn Nofziger


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