Call in the fat lady

This recall thing is just about wrapped up. Say hello to Governor Castro, er, I mean Bustamante.

As I’ve said before, the Dems have already jumped ship with Davis and aren’t wasting time kissing up to Cruz the way they had to Davis in the past. They know the same coin-operated-government will be in affect with Cruz at the helm, and so they aren’t wasting any time whispering sweet nothings in Cruz’s ear, telling him how smart he is, how great of a leader he is, blablabla.

First it was some smaller unions. Then it was Barbara Boxer. Then it was the CTA. Now, the big one has landed. Cruz has nailed down the AFL-CIO endorsement. Jeebus. The chips are all falling into place for Cruz.

I guess the only thing left to see is whether Cruz grows a beard, finds an affinity for green military fatigues, and gives his inaugural address in espanol.


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