Arnold’s stuck. The wave he rode in on has crashed, for a moment letting him alone as he lay there on the sand, but not anymore. He’s now stuck in a riptide that’s yanking him back out to sea, and another wave is readying to crash on his head. That wave is Senator Tom McClintock.

For the past several weeks, Tom was just the thorn in Arnold’s side. Regularly, the press tossed questions Tom’s way along the lines of “When are you going to drop out any unite behind Arnold?” “Are you the spoiler for the Republicans?” “Have you heard the Ross Perot comparisons?” On and on they went. Not an interview went by where the press wasn’t asking Tom if he’d been receiving calls pressuring him to drop out.

But oh that tide’s a turnin’

Now the questions are based with a premise of Arnold’s demise. “If Arnold collapses are you going to be able to rally all Republicans around you?” “If Arnold implodes, can you pick up the pieces” etc.

From Saturday’s Washington Post, in follow up to Arnold’s Oui article comes, “But if he loses his credibility, he won't have much left. And if that happens, Republicans may hope that Tom McClintock has not yet dropped out.

In the media’s ceaseless ability to coronate themselves irrefutable strategists for both parties, they now see Tom as an asset rather than a liability for Republicans. They see Arnold’s demise as inevitable, and Tom as a more than adequate safety valve should the inevitable come to pass.

Tom’s train may have started a little slower, but that’s just because its got so much heavier a load to carry!


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