Arnold Ain't got the 'Big Mo'

Despite the media’s best efforts at making Arnold’s election as Governor a self-fulfilling prophecy, he is stuck. With overwhelming name-id, an overly friendly press, and a campaign budget second to none, Arnold can’t pull himself up from where he was three weeks ago. Yet, watching TV, reading the newspapers, or listening to the radio you’d never know that.

A look at the progression of the major polls shows Arnold hasn’t moved an inch since jumping in the race. In fact, if he’s gone anywhere, he’s dropped a bit.

LATimes(8/16-21) 22%
PPIC(8/8-17) 23%
Field Poll(8/10-13) 22%
Time/CNN (8/8) 25%

With Cruz having jumped 20%, from 15% - 35% in that same time period, and State Senator Tom McClintock gaining steam quickly, climbing from 5% to 12%+, Arnold has got to be worried. One thing’s for certain, it sure ain’t Arnold who’s got the “MO.”


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