Bill Simon was all but back in. Emails from his campaign volunteer team were flying around faster than Gray Davis approval numbers were falling. Bill was spending time with Sal Russo, and the consultant gang, banging out ideas for a possible new campaign. He was running. “I haven’t been thinking about being anymore,” he’d been saying in speeches, “I haven’t been thinking about it any less either.” He was setting the foundation for Simon ’03.

But things appear to be changing. Bill spoke at the Orange County GOP Flag Day Dinner on Saturday. But rather than keeping any of the attention for himself, he deflected it all towards Darrell Issa. I sat there shocked. I thought for sure I’d hear him say, “For the past two years, I was the recall effort.” NO! It was all, “thanks to Darrell” this and “because of the efforts of Congressman Issa” that. Amazing.

Bill Simon is a likable guy. He may be politically naïve to some extent, but all in all is a good guy. He would make a great candidate for Attorney General in 2006. I’d vote for him. That could even be a stepping-stone upwards and onwards if he wanted it to be.

Bill Simon seems genuine about his desire to serve the people of California, to help the California Republican Party, and to renew the California Dream…I hope he just doesn’t overstep it again…


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