It’s not often you’ll hear me say that, as Senator Brulte is a man who’s said things along the line of, “other than Senator McPhereson, I’m probably the most liberal member of the Senate Republican Caucus.”

So, imagine my surprise to wake up Thursday to find that in a closed door, Assembly and Senate joint caucus meeting, Brulte had laid down the law to any potential budget sellouts.

“I feel strongly about this, I am willing to do something I have never done, which is not support an incumbent Republican in the primary,” he said. “If someone in the Republican Party wants to raise taxes, then I am willing to go to their district and have that debate.”

Three words: Atta Boy Jim!

We may disagree on a whole number of things, but to see Brulte lay down the law like this, apparently going so far as to bringing in an example hit piece to the Caucus meeting, brings warm and fuzzy feelings to my heart.

Former CRP Chairman Shawn Steel has talked about recalling any Republican who breaks rank on the budget. If he doesn’t get them the first time, Brulte (and his considerable money) will get them in the primary.

Keith Richman. Ya, we're looking at you!

What works out nicely is that the potential stray votes are from safe Republican districts. So, though we may bloody these guys up a bit, we’re in no danger of losing the seat. Pat Bates is termed out, but we can still recall her. And Keith Richman is in a very good Republican District (45%-35%), it’s about time we get a REAL Republican in there.

For a few years now, the Club for Growth has been using this model to challenge RINO’s (Republican In Name Only) in safe Republican seats across the country. And thus far, they’ve been incredibly successful!

It’s about time we bring the Club to California.


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