Living in LA, it’s not uncommon to have your perspectives skewed. For instance, in LA I live in Liberal Wonderland. I am represented by the San Gabriel Valley’s version of the Axis of Evil. When the number of “Kucinich for President” bumper stickers are greater than those for our current President, despite your sly smile, you begin to really wonder how in the world Republicans win, ever, anywhere.

And so, it was with great satisfaction that I spent my Memorial Day in San Diego, a continually burgeoning Mecca of Republicanism. One at a time, liberal incumbents are being shown the door. From Dog Catcher to the State Assembly, the Republicans in San Diego are standing up and being heard. And as they say, the truth is setting them free.

Everywhere I went, Bush bumper stickers, meeting conservatives at Parties for my little nephews, running into activists collecting signatures for the Recall out in front of the local supermarket. I’ve been told that a Texas Democrat is a California Republican. Well, it’s not too far a stretch to say that a LA Republican is a San Diego Democrat. I love that place.

Ya, there’s the great places to eat, the beaches, the incredible weather, the uh, well girls, and all that good stuff…But, man there’s a lot of good solid conservatives there too. And being part of the few, the proud, the LA conservatives, let me say that it’s a nice change of pace to see people proudly displaying the name of our great President! Just one more reason San Diego is one of the great places on this earth to live!!!


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