Despite Gray Davis’ screams of usurping the democratic system, the recall effort is well under way. The question is, can it qualify? With bounty now being paid, and a pool of nearly ¾ of the state disapproving of Davis to draw from, the chances are good. The question of more interest to me is, which of the Democrats runs to replace him?

For sure there are many high-ranking Democrats drooling at the opportunity to be Governor. Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante surely wants it. Bill Lockyear’s every move of late has been in anticipation of this chance. State Treasurer Phil Angeledis also would like a chance. State Senator John Burton has hinted he might run too. The big fish for the Democrats though, Diane Fienstein.

If they all ran, that’d be great. Split that vote as many ways as possible. If you figure this state is 55% Democrat. Divide that by 5, and I’ll be smiling ear to ear. But, and it’s a big but…If Fienstein runs, does she clear the field??? Will anyone really run against the queen-fish? Part of me says of course. This is ego we’re talking about here. All of their political lives have been awaiting the chance to run for Governor, and would they sit by (with their large campaign accounts) and let some old lady take their only shot at winning? On the other hand, could any of them really expect to beat her??? It’s a tough call, we’ll have to wait and see.

One thing’s for sure though, this recall effort, if it passes, will reshape the California political landscape for decades to come. It’s been said that this will be the campaign of unintended consequences. That is absolutely 110% correct.

Consider first, that whoever replaces Davis will have the opportunities to hold the seat for 10 years, two more in this term, plus two terms more. If, God forbid, Fineswine were to win, she would then be free to replace her Senate seat with someone, ahem, Rep. Sanchez (Communist – Orange County). This is dangerous ground we’re treading, but if we’re successful, it could be the shining moment for a coming tidal wave.


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