So, Congressman Ose not only isn’t going to be running for Senate, he’s not even running for reelection to his own seat in the House. This leads me to a few thoughts.

First, this is great for conservatives in the California Republican Congressional Delegation. We lose arguably our worst member, and hopefully can replace him with a great conservative like Rico Oller.

However, I presume this also means Rosario Marin is running for Senate.

Think about it. Ose (liberal), Rosario (liberal), and Congressman George Radanovich all run, who wins? A)Conservatives beat liberals, and B)With the liberals splitting the votes, it’s a cakewalk for Radanovich.

Now, with Ose out of the way, it’s a straight, clear cut ideological battle. Good vs. Evil. Squish vs. Solid. Rosario vs. Ra-Don-Ah-Vich. Let the RINO-Bashing begin!


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