So, I just got done watching some good ol’ Democrat pandering to a group of union thugs in Iowa on CSPAN. Couple of thoughts…

1)Al Sharpton is a good speaker. Ya, Braun is black, and she’s a she, but she bores the dead. If Sharpton wasn’t, well, nuts, racist, a womanizer, and an opportunist of the worst sorts, he might stand an actual chance of really causing some damage. Hopefully for us, he can overcome those shortcomings, and still spoil this election for them Dems.

2)I’m already tired of this “electable wing” nonsense. It’s the same argument Riordan, McCain, etc always try with us, and its nonsense. A)Extremes win primaries, and B)you have a squat chance of winning anything without your base.

3)Handicapping now, I see only two possible scenarios. 1)The Democrats sacrifice this election to return to their roots, mobilize their base, and gear up for 2008. This favors Dean. Just as we did with the ‘Contract,’ they can get their Party back in order, stand for something again, but piss off America. 2)Gephardt, as I see it, is the favorite. He’s got the unions. He’s positive about America. He went for the war. He’s got the Union-thug vote. He’s pleasant. He’s mowed every lawn, and paved every driveway in Iowa. And oh ya, he’s not John Kerry. Kerry is French. Lieberman bores the dead. Braun’s nuts. Ditto for Sharpton and Kucinich. Edwards is the Wild Card, but as he doesn’t stand for anything other than raising money, I think we ought to take to calling him “Vice Presidential nominee” already…


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