Living in LA, it’s not uncommon to have your perspectives skewed. For instance, in LA I live in Liberal Wonderland. I am represented by the San Gabriel Valley’s version of the Axis of Evil. When the number of “Kucinich for President” bumper stickers are greater than those for our current President, despite your sly smile, you begin to really wonder how in the world Republicans win, ever, anywhere.

And so, it was with great satisfaction that I spent my Memorial Day in San Diego, a continually burgeoning Mecca of Republicanism. One at a time, liberal incumbents are being shown the door. From Dog Catcher to the State Assembly, the Republicans in San Diego are standing up and being heard. And as they say, the truth is setting them free.

Everywhere I went, Bush bumper stickers, meeting conservatives at Parties for my little nephews, running into activists collecting signatures for the Recall out in front of the local supermarket. I’ve been told that a Texas Democrat is a California Republican. Well, it’s not too far a stretch to say that a LA Republican is a San Diego Democrat. I love that place.

Ya, there’s the great places to eat, the beaches, the incredible weather, the uh, well girls, and all that good stuff…But, man there’s a lot of good solid conservatives there too. And being part of the few, the proud, the LA conservatives, let me say that it’s a nice change of pace to see people proudly displaying the name of our great President! Just one more reason San Diego is one of the great places on this earth to live!!!



Despite Gray Davis’ screams of usurping the democratic system, the recall effort is well under way. The question is, can it qualify? With bounty now being paid, and a pool of nearly ¾ of the state disapproving of Davis to draw from, the chances are good. The question of more interest to me is, which of the Democrats runs to replace him?

For sure there are many high-ranking Democrats drooling at the opportunity to be Governor. Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante surely wants it. Bill Lockyear’s every move of late has been in anticipation of this chance. State Treasurer Phil Angeledis also would like a chance. State Senator John Burton has hinted he might run too. The big fish for the Democrats though, Diane Fienstein.

If they all ran, that’d be great. Split that vote as many ways as possible. If you figure this state is 55% Democrat. Divide that by 5, and I’ll be smiling ear to ear. But, and it’s a big but…If Fienstein runs, does she clear the field??? Will anyone really run against the queen-fish? Part of me says of course. This is ego we’re talking about here. All of their political lives have been awaiting the chance to run for Governor, and would they sit by (with their large campaign accounts) and let some old lady take their only shot at winning? On the other hand, could any of them really expect to beat her??? It’s a tough call, we’ll have to wait and see.

One thing’s for sure though, this recall effort, if it passes, will reshape the California political landscape for decades to come. It’s been said that this will be the campaign of unintended consequences. That is absolutely 110% correct.

Consider first, that whoever replaces Davis will have the opportunities to hold the seat for 10 years, two more in this term, plus two terms more. If, God forbid, Fineswine were to win, she would then be free to replace her Senate seat with someone, ahem, Rep. Sanchez (Communist – Orange County). This is dangerous ground we’re treading, but if we’re successful, it could be the shining moment for a coming tidal wave.



In recent weeks, we’ve seen what we always see in pre-Presidential election years, a rainbow coalition (in more ways than one) of policy pronouncements, innovative bills, and brand new ideas. This election cycle is proving no different. Dick Gephardt wants to pay for nationalized healthcare by scrapping the tax cuts. Joe Lieberman wants to increase fuel standards to move towards energy independence. Dennis Kucinich wants a Department of Peace. John Kerry follows everyone else’s plans with one of his own…about a week later. But we haven’t seen many innovative ideas, no liberal pandering, no free handouts from Senator John Edwards.

At first, that might seem odd. Being just a freshman Senator, how can he expect to win the nomination without pandering to the Democrats’ liberal base? Well, it’s easy actually. He’s not going to win the Presidential nomination. He’s going to be vice-president.

As George Will pointed out last week, John Edwards can’t afford to move left, else risk losing his home state if he’s shut out of the ticket. But that’s not the plan. He’s maneuvering to be veep.

First, look at who he is. He’s young, energetic, and from that South that the Democrats keep thinking they’re going to get a piece of. Second, he’s no policy wonk, just an articulate, attractive face for the Party, much better suited as an addition than the main attraction. Third, while Gov. Dean and Senator Kerry prod at one another, Edwards is and will continue to keep his head above the fray. Lastly, and most importantly, the one thing that make people think he’s a serious contender for the Oval Office, can carry over to a spot as veep. That being, his bankroll. As the darling of trial lawyers, ambulance chasers, and the Lionel Hutzes of the world, he’ll be able to bring more dollars to a ticket than any other candidate.

Say you’re Dick Gephardt, or you’re John Kerry, or Howard Dean. You need to pick someone to run with you. John Edwards brings everything you need: youth, energy, a Southern accent, good looks, and a Brinks truck full of small, non-sequential bills. That’s why he’s going to be them Dems’ Veep candidate next fall.



DNC Chief Terry McAuliffe made headlines this week for criticizing President Bush, resorting to the oft used liberal attack of crying McCarthyism.

"George Bush has unleashed a new McCarthyism that, under the cloak of a time of crisis and peril, has vilified and questioned the patriotism of those who have policy and political differences with him and his administration."

Now, it may be me, but I think ol’ Terry Windbag is warming up to our fair Dubya. From accusing him of stealing elections, attempting to kill old people, and all the other bad things McAuliffe’s said about Dubya, he now is comparing him to one a man who’s mission was to make and keep America safe. A man who saw evil, and wanted it gone. A man who put his political career on the line for a just cause.

To this insult, I say, “THANKS!”

After all, as the great Senator from Wisconsin said himself, “McCarthyism is just Americanism with it’s sleeves rolled up.”



So, Congressman Ose not only isn’t going to be running for Senate, he’s not even running for reelection to his own seat in the House. This leads me to a few thoughts.

First, this is great for conservatives in the California Republican Congressional Delegation. We lose arguably our worst member, and hopefully can replace him with a great conservative like Rico Oller.

However, I presume this also means Rosario Marin is running for Senate.

Think about it. Ose (liberal), Rosario (liberal), and Congressman George Radanovich all run, who wins? A)Conservatives beat liberals, and B)With the liberals splitting the votes, it’s a cakewalk for Radanovich.

Now, with Ose out of the way, it’s a straight, clear cut ideological battle. Good vs. Evil. Squish vs. Solid. Rosario vs. Ra-Don-Ah-Vich. Let the RINO-Bashing begin!


OK, so my hatred of this movie has nothing to do with the actual film. And no, I’m not going to give anything away, so don’t worry. But Matrix II pissed me off OH SO BADLY!

First of all, on an actual movie critique front, Matrix II is nothing but a sham. Despite the rad effects, it actually is nothing but a two-hour trailer for Matrix III. Damn them!

But, the main problem in the picture arises from the casting. Or rather the LACK of casting. No, Keanu Reeves didn’t have any classic lines like, “Whoa!” or “I know Kung Fu.” He more or less played it straight.

The problem lied in his co-stars, among them Cornell West and Roy Jones Jr. I mean, C’mon! Cornell West is barely coherent an author, a failure as a rapper, a professor, a philosopher, and as a constructive member of society. So, what do most people do when they fail in all facets of life??? WHY NOT ACT? However, this movie would have been just fine devoid of the politics.

Also, in a little video montage, immediately after footage of Adolph Hitler, the fine directors of Matrix II, thought it appropriate to show clips of President Bush. Again, EARTH TO PRODUCERS: “You stick to movies, I’ll stick to politics!!!”

Martin Sheen got blacklisted for spewing his crap. No self-respecting man will ever again stand listening to the Dixie Chicks. I, for one, say we need to do the same to Matrix III. If they don’t pull all the political references, I ain’t going! You hear that Joel Silver, SCREW YOU!


So, I just got done watching some good ol’ Democrat pandering to a group of union thugs in Iowa on CSPAN. Couple of thoughts…

1)Al Sharpton is a good speaker. Ya, Braun is black, and she’s a she, but she bores the dead. If Sharpton wasn’t, well, nuts, racist, a womanizer, and an opportunist of the worst sorts, he might stand an actual chance of really causing some damage. Hopefully for us, he can overcome those shortcomings, and still spoil this election for them Dems.

2)I’m already tired of this “electable wing” nonsense. It’s the same argument Riordan, McCain, etc always try with us, and its nonsense. A)Extremes win primaries, and B)you have a squat chance of winning anything without your base.

3)Handicapping now, I see only two possible scenarios. 1)The Democrats sacrifice this election to return to their roots, mobilize their base, and gear up for 2008. This favors Dean. Just as we did with the ‘Contract,’ they can get their Party back in order, stand for something again, but piss off America. 2)Gephardt, as I see it, is the favorite. He’s got the unions. He’s positive about America. He went for the war. He’s got the Union-thug vote. He’s pleasant. He’s mowed every lawn, and paved every driveway in Iowa. And oh ya, he’s not John Kerry. Kerry is French. Lieberman bores the dead. Braun’s nuts. Ditto for Sharpton and Kucinich. Edwards is the Wild Card, but as he doesn’t stand for anything other than raising money, I think we ought to take to calling him “Vice Presidential nominee” already…